Aesthetics combined with cultural connotations form:::

Characteristics and objectives,education
Since 1979
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Now, we inspire more shiny city college of Design.

Education purpose
Combine with design aesthetics, integrated marketing, psychology, semiotics, cultural philosophizing, and art history, cultural and creative as the base to enhance the digital computer technology, information communication technology and design integration. We plan overall courses with professional teachers and equipments. Match theory and practice to meet the modern workplace and mobility, integrated design requirements.

Industry-academia cooperation
We integrated Marketing Communication philosophy, aesthetics and visual communication as basis. Bring modern science and technology into the thinking and methods; be implemented in curriculum planning, teaching content and activity. Develop production and professional research people of commercial design.

Exhibition posterAchievement exhibition
The blueprint of dream
In order to help our graduates succeed in their careers, our department is collecting the information and counseling them as measures of adjusting the course outline. Also, we intend to invite more our alumni to give speeches as a blueprint of dream.